Keith-and-MortyKeith McManamen is a strategic analyst with Psiphon, a Hogtown-based company that circumvents Internet censorship around the world. Keith is also a member of the growing University of Waterloo alumni to have graced this show with their time. We spoke with Keith about fucking with repressive governments, violating sovereignty, and the Internet as a moral entity. We also talked about how the United States is spying on us, how the media has become Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, and the Privacy V. Convenience dilemma.


Dave-MottershallDave Mottershall is an award-winning chef and the genius behind Toronto’s Loka. After spending seven years revolutionizing the PEI food scene, Dave returned to Toronto to rejuvenate his life and career. We spoke with Dave about working in fine dining restaurants across Canada, finding his food “voice,” and staging in Toronto’s best restaurants. Dave also talked about opening up his own brick and mortar restaurant, cooking for the right reasons, and why Toronto is home.


Drake, Lady GagaIn this inaugural episode, Barry explains what the hell Snax will beshorter podcasts that are just as delicious as our long ones, but slightly more digestible. And Drizzy. Always Drizzy.


Hello all,

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Breaking: There won’t be another episode for a couple more weeks. Thanks to the holidays, my proletariat poverty, and some batshit wedding I must attend in Edmonton, in the middle of winter, the podcast has stalled. Rollie Pemberton rolls in his grave, no doubt.

I have guests lined up. Great ones, I promise. But I don’t reveal them until a few days before their episode drops. I’m aware that this is a coit-teaserespect: gender neutrality—but it’s for your own good! Hopefully, my catalog of previous guests shows that I am not full of shit.

Thanks to Twitter and all that other social media, I’ve discovered that people other than my Mom and Bronson listen to the show. And I’m grateful. I respond to every person that reaches out, even the hate mail. I’m not famous enough to shit on these people yet, so until then, I say this: Thanks for the input!

Oh! We have a YouTube channel now. And I’m reaching out to new people and networks to Glengarry Glen Ross this joint. Until you hear me on Howard Stern, please tell someone about the show.

I love you all!



me and jerry on white privilege2Desmond Cole is project coordinator at City Vote and a staff writer for Torontoist. Most notably, Desmond covered the Ferguson protests following a grand jury’s choice not to indict white police officer Darren Wilson in the killing of black youth Michael Brown. We spoke with Desmond about the resolve of Ferguson’s protestors, whether it’s possible to be an objective reporter in the face of tragedy, and how many people can’t seem to admit that they’re scared of black people. Desmond also talked about how blogging led to his career in journalism, Toronto’s denial of its own systemic racism, and still, why Hogtown is an amazing place.


MorganBaskin-6671 (1)Morgan Baskin is a Corktown resident who ran for mayor of Toronto when she was 18 years old. Morgan’s 19 now, and though she didn’t win the election, she’s still committed to making Hogtown a better place. Morgan spoke with us about protesting Mike Harris as a toddler, overnight fame, and how being a public servant is anything but private. She also talked about how she hates issue-based campaigns, debating Doug and Olivia, and what she plans on doing now that the circus has left town.


about_portraitStephen Marche is a columnist at Esquire, novelist, and doctor of Early Modern Drama. He’s written about sex, hockey, and Megan Fox, among many things. Stephen spoke with us about his lifelong obsession with the novel, being labelled a misogynist and idiot, and why writing is not for whiners. He also talked about how Americans could give two shits about the CBC, why writing fiction takes courage, and Toronto’s future. (It won’t be boring.)


shreksJohn Semley is a freelance writer living in West Queen West. The former city editor of the A.V. Club Toronto, his writing has appeared in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and The Walrus. John and Barry also share the same barber. John spoke with us about why he hates self-identifying as a writer, reading for pain and pleasure, and The Onion‘s failure in Hogtown. He also talked about the fine line between being an asshole and a contrarian, NOW Magazine’s knack for survival, and why you don’t have to leave Toronto to be successful.


BRUCE DragonsDen_1396_HiResBruce Croxon is Managing Partner of Round13 Capital and a former star of CBC’s Dragons’ Den. A Scarborough boy, Bruce co-founded Lavalife, a company that pioneered online dating and social media. And aside from being the most successful person that Barry’s interviewed, Bruce is a pretty happy guy. He spoke with us about growing up in a mixed race family, dealing with loss, and how being ethical makes you money. Bruce also talked about why he would be a bad mayor, the uncertainty of Tinder, and fighting off retirement.