mighty-pigsYes, the Mighty Pigs are back. In this long-put-off episode, Barry and his other friend named Sam talk about what makes the NBA so special, how Drake got shafted at the All-Star Game, and the Raptors’ ceiling come the playoffs. They also talk about Optimism V. Reality, the worth of Bismack Biyombo, and win or lose, why the Raptors are worth our love and affection.


mighty-pigsIn the second edition of Hogtown Talks’s podcast on sports, Barry and Sam grieve the First Round death of their beloved Raptors, and rethink their lives. They talk about the sobering blow of defeat, the Raptors’ weaknesses, and Bryan Colangelo’s legacy. Barry and Sam also talk about free agency, DeMar and Kyle’s limitations, and whether Masai Ujiri is full of shit.