alex-josephson-resizedAlex Josephson is an architect and designer who grew up in Forest Hill. The Ontario Association of Architects recently named his studio, PARTISANS, Best Emerging Practice. And he has a 3D printer. We spoke with Alex about his time in Italy, how the City robbed Frank Gehry of a “historic masterpiece,” and the uncanny brilliance of the CN Tower. Alex also talked about Union Station’s mind-blowing revitalization, the problem with the New Toronto School of architecture, and what Hogtown will look like in 50 years.


B3ywKjqCUAAlK0s(2)Mackenzie Keast is co-founder of Toronto company Distl, and a Cabbagetown resident. Raised in rural B.C., Mackenzie studied urban planning and design at Waterloo before falling victim to Hogtown’s cosmopolitan tractor beam. We spoke with Mackenzie about growing up in a brewery, converting to the Church of Toronto, and how developers can actually help poor people. Mackenzie also talked about Alpha Cities, encouraging young planners to think crazy, and his Top 3 public spaces in Toronto. (Oh, and Drake, obviously.)


markMark Kingwell is a philosopher at the University of Toronto. His work in political theory, ethics, aesthetics, and criticism has made him one of Canada’s most renowned public intellectuals. And he’s the reason Barry became a philosophy major. (We’ll see how that turns out.) We spoke with Mark about his childhood obsession with Trudeau-era nationalism, living in Kensington Market as an undergrad, and the intersection of philosophy and pop culture. Mark also spoke about the tension of working within elitist institutions, civility’s relationship with political violence, and how it’s kind of hard to beat what we got going on in Hogtown.