unnamedAnthony Rose is the genius chef behind Toronto restaurants Rose and Sons, Big Crow, and Fat Pasha. He studied at the California Culinary Academy in San Fran before working under several New York City food titans, including Jean-Georges Vongerichten. He also stole swigs from Barry’s birthday Scotch. Anthony spoke with us about the first time he ate bacon, why Jews love Chinese food, and running the Drake Hotel’s kitchen. He also talked about getting drunk with Anthony Bourdain, and what it would be like to “Cook It Raw” in Canada.

Here’s a trailer for this podcast

Yes, the podcast exists. Yes, the podcast is coming. And what better proof of those facts than the arrival of a trailer?

Below is a terrific video directed by Hogtown friend Bronson Allen. It’s supposed to make you excited and happy. Please enjoy.

And Rob Ford: Thanks for the memories.



Welcome to Hogtown Talks!

Hello Hogtonians. Nice to see ya.

I started Hogtown Talks, because [1] I like talking to cool people about cool shit, [2] I love listening to interviews, and, as I see it, [3] there are no good, uncensored, Toronto-centric podcasts. I’m filling a hole, people.

If you love Toronto and have the attention span for long form, I think you’ll like this podcast. I know this, because I am tragically obsessed with this city, and being able to chat with and learn from my amazing guests this past year has been unreal.

On deck: Chef Anthony Rose, ROM mammalogist Burton Lim, TCHC executive Sheila Penny, art historian Sara Angel, City of Toronto health inspector Owen Chong, writer and poet Michael Lista, and film critic Thom Ernst. Many more will be announced in the coming weeks.

I’m a lucky shmuck to have spoken with these people, and I thank them so much for their time and candour.

Other people worthy of praise: Shannon Jager for designing this site and making my inept ass look professional; Chris MacDonald for illustrating our perfect pig logo; Bronson Allen for directing a special soon-to-be-released video; Sam White for being my muscle; my little brother for letting me steal his mic; my parents for not putting me up for adoption.

Creating Hogtown Talks has been, as Woody would say, a “sincere sensation.” If one person outside of my friends, family, and GoDaddy enjoy this podcast, I’ll be thrilled.