alan-cross-croppedAlan Cross is a broadcasting legend, music historian, and creator of The Ongoing History of New Music. And Alan’s been schooling Barry on music since the latter was a child. We spoke with Alan about hitting clubs on Yonge and Queen in the 80s, birthing one of the best music shows ever, and getting fired and rehired by a media giant. We also talked about how the market forced Indie88 and Edge102 to play the same homogenous shit, how the Trickle Down theory is good for musicians, and why Toronto is the key to Canada’s music future.

Announcing HOGTOWN TALKS’s second live debate: Toronto is not a world food capital

We’re happy to announce that on May 23, Hogtown Talks is hosting its second live debate, “Be it resolved: Toronto is not a world capital!” The event will take place at our second home, Hermann and Audrey’s studio at 12 Ossington Ave.

On the panel:

Scott Vivian, chef-owner of Beast
Dennis Tay, chef de cusine at DaiLo and former Top Chef Canada contestant
Nadège Nourian, chef-owner of Nadège
Karon Liu, food writer for the Toronto Star 

Barry actually knows what he’s doing this time around. So, if you liked our last event, you’ll like this one even more. Drinks will be dispensed enthusiastically before, during, and after the event.
I love you all—be there!


Keith-and-MortyKeith McManamen is a strategic analyst with Psiphon, a Hogtown-based company that circumvents Internet censorship around the world. Keith is also a member of the growing University of Waterloo alumni to have graced this show with their time. We spoke with Keith about fucking with repressive governments, violating sovereignty, and the Internet as a moral entity. We also talked about how the United States is spying on us, how the media has become Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, and the Privacy V. Convenience dilemma.


mighty-pigsYes, the Mighty Pigs are back. In this long-put-off episode, Barry and his other friend named Sam talk about what makes the NBA so special, how Drake got shafted at the All-Star Game, and the Raptors’ ceiling come the playoffs. They also talk about Optimism V. Reality, the worth of Bismack Biyombo, and win or lose, why the Raptors are worth our love and affection.


Barry-and-ShawnLive from 12 Ossington in downtown Toronto, Hogtown Talks presents its first live debate. The subject of discussion: Is Toronto a playground for the rich? Barry moderates a formidable planel including Andray Domise, Shawn Micallef, Mackenzie Keast, and Jacquelyn West. Unwieldy topic be damned, the panel talked about the poisonous effects of gentrification, how the City has abandoned the suburbs, and Toronto’s ongoing problems with racism. They also touched on the impossiblity of owning land, culture’s ostensibly invisible impact on the poor, and what we can do to fix this place we call homewith or without City Council.

Watch Hogtown Talks’ first live panel debate: Is Toronto a Playground for the Rich?

On January 14, 2016, Hogtown Talks hosted its first live debate at Hermann & Audrey’s studio of 12 Ossington in support of United Way Toronto and York Region. The subject of discussion: Is Toronto a Playground for the Rich? Its distinguished panel included Andray Domise, Shawn Micallef, Mackenzie Keast, and Jacquelyn West. The conversation was raucous, the crowd lively, and the alcohol flowing.

Big shoutouts to Noisebox and Last Frame Pictures for helping film and record the event. And huge thanks to all of the volunteers.

An audio podcast will soon be available for downloading.

Please enjoy!

We’re hosting our first live debate! Dig it!

After months of foreplay, we’re happy to announce that on January 14, Hogtown Talks will host its first live event in the studio space at 12 Ossington! The topic of debate: Is Toronto a playground for the rich? Cover is a paltry $5 and all proceeds will go to United Way Toronto.

We have a terrific panel:

Andray Domise, activist and co-host of Canadaland Commons
Shawn Micallef, Toronto Star columnist and editor at Spacing
Mackenzie Keast, urban strategist, co-founder of Distl, and guest of this show
Jacquelyn West, agency director at Hermann and Audrey

There will be drinks. There will be music. There will be discussion. And here’s the Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/1MR33QY

I love you all! Be there!



dennis-tay_crop(1)Dennis Tay is Chef de Cuisine at DaiLo, Chef Nick Liu’s temple for new Asian cuisine. Born in Windsor from Scottish-Filipino parents, Dennis is a former B-Boy and contestant on Top Chef Canada. We spoke with Dennis about growing up in Windsor, working in Italy, and the limits of the North American palate. Dennis also talked about the insanity of reality television, running a successful Toronto restaurant, and making time for his family.


travisTravis Myers is a writer, panelist, and LGBT activist whose work has appeared in several Hogtown institutions. Travis is also hilarious and enjoys wine, which makes him a perfect guest for this show. We spoke with Travis about growing up religious and gay, fetishizing the act of argument, and the Village’s past and uncertain future. Travis also talked about why we don’t see more penises in movies, John V. Olivia, and learning to love Torontobegrudgingly.