Announcing HOGTOWN TALKS’s second live debate: Toronto is not a world food capital

We’re happy to announce that on May 23, Hogtown Talks is hosting its second live debate, “Be it resolved: Toronto is not a world capital!” The event will take place at our second home, Hermann and Audrey’s studio at 12 Ossington Ave.

On the panel:

Scott Vivian, chef-owner of Beast
Dennis Tay, chef de cusine at DaiLo and former Top Chef Canada contestant
Nadège Nourian, chef-owner of Nadège
Karon Liu, food writer for the Toronto Star 

Barry actually knows what he’s doing this time around. So, if you liked our last event, you’ll like this one even more. Drinks will be dispensed enthusiastically before, during, and after the event.
I love you all—be there!

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