Hi, Hogtonians. Thanks for showing up.

After nearly a decade of shoving needles into the crotch of my Rob Ford Voodoo doll, I now find myself at an ethical crossroad. I am at once empowered by my adolescent foresight, and troubled by the notion that my rage may have somehow rippled the spiritual universe of moral cause and effect.

But who really gives a fuck?

Response to the show has been great. I have no idea who’s listening, but it’s happening. Episode 7 with Brittany Allen has gotten a shitzillion listens by my standards, and the shock is only now beginning to dissipate. People have contacted me on Twitter and Facebook telling me how much they like the show, and it feels good.

We’ve got great guests lined up. I can’t say who they are right now, but a lot of them are women; great women, smart, talented ones that effect (and affect) Toronto in big ways. So far, the podcast has been male-dominated. But when you’re a young man with miniscule social reach and codependency issues, you stick with what you know. I’m working on it!

Anyway, thanks again. I can’t wait for what’s next.




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