Hello Hogtonians. Thanks for showing up.

Though I promised otherwise, the podcast has and will be on break for the next few weeks. As some of you (Mom and Bronson) know, I own a parallel identity as a proletariat lackey. This mistress lifestyle pays the bills, but affords me sparse time to update the podcast and entertain you good folk.

Having typed that, I have some great episodes in the bank, and some great guests on the horizon. I can’t tell you about the latter category at the risk of jinxing their happening, but they’ll be good. Think Toronto film, music, and general fun.

And we still have the first five episodes to listen to. I’m so happy that they’re up, and happier still that friends and strangers have seemingly enjoyed them. Like I said, I started this thing, because I love listening to interviews, but more importantly, I wanted to exercise my muscle as a conversationalist; to become a better listener and a more insightful speaker. That I can listen to old episodes without shoving a fork in my crotch means I’ve done something good!

Immeasurable thanks again go out to Shannon Jager for designing this website, Chris MacDonald for drawing the logo, Bronson Allen for cutting the trailer, Sam White for being an all-round G, and all of my giving guests.

So please: Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, subscribe to us on iTunes (the kinks are still being kinked out here, but whatever), tell your friends about the podcast, and visit this website early and often.

Thanks and love,



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